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R.I.P. Cody-Bar
 My 42 yr old Quarterhorse.  He was my best friend for 9  1/2  yrs,  But due to his age and other health factors, I had to have him laid to rest 3/27/2012.  Always on my mind an forever in my heart.  I hope you enjoy the trail rides in Heaven as much as I enjoyed them while you were here with me.  You are very missed.
This is Princess my 7 yr old Standardbred.  She's a ex-pacer. I have spent the last 4 yrs retraining her.  She has really come a long way. In the last 4 yrs she's learning gymkhana, goes to parades, trail rides and does any obstacle you put in front of her. We did our first 3 fun shows in 2013 and brought home 25 ribons. She is a permanent resident.
This is Bailey my 12 yr old Quarterhorse.  I rescued her june 2010 from a  killpen where she was waiting to be loaded for shippment to the slaughterhouse. She was extremily head shy, no personality, no trust in humans and very scared.  With a lot of time, patients, work and alot of love she has done a complete 360 and is now such a in your pocket horse it's hard to believe she is the same horse.  I have put alot of training into her for trails, ground work and western pleasure. We now work off body language and will see if we can do bridle less ridding. She did her first show 6/2012 and won 4th, 5th and 6th. Bailey and I are very bonded. She is also a permanent resident.
Lightning (Puddins)
This is Lightning 14 yr old Qh. He has slight Navicular but doesn't slow him down,  He is such a beautiful and in your pocket boy that we could not pass him up.  Lightening loves going on trail rides. He also does lessons and is a permanent resident 
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This is Levi my sons 8yr old paint. He was rescued aug 2012. He is a very in your pocket boy. He has been started under saddle and will complete training this spring/summer. Levi was one of the horses i rescued and rehabbed. He is a permanent resident. Levi and my son really took to each other. He wants to show him with me.
Koda was 3 1/2 months when i brought her and mom home july 12, 2013. Koda is growing up fast and learning quickly. She'll be a yr old march 17th. She is already in training and doing great. We've been working on ground manners, desensitizing, leading, an voice commands. She is a permanent resident